1937 was the year that saw the fulfillment of a beautiful dream for the Indian Film Industry. This was the year when IMPPA was born. The Indian Motion Picture Producers’ Association, popularly know as IMPPA, is the first and the only internationally recognized oldest association of the Indian Film production sector. It is the original mother organization and all other associations which exist now are the offshoots of IMPPA.
It was in 1937 when a small seed was sown by the admirable Khan Bahadur Ardeshir M. Irani, who made the first Indian Talkie film ALAM ARA. The seed was generously watered and tended to by many through its developing stages and thanks to all their care by which the small seed has today grown into a monumental and big tree that benefits over 16,000 member-producers and through IMPPA, thousands more who help keep the wheels of the entertainment industry rolling. All the member producers express all admiration for our founder and foster producers like Khan Ardeshir M. Irani, Chandulal J. Shah, M.A. Fazal-bhoy, J.B.H. Wadia, Chimanlal B. Desai, Rustom C.N. Broacha and Shankerlal J. Bhatt for their foresight and selfless service towards the expansion and strength of IMPPA. It is beyond imagination how those great founders thought of this name i.e. Indian Motion Picture Producers’ Association. In 1937, no one could imagine about video and television whose base is also moving motion pictures and, therefore, any technological developments of future are also covered under this name because as long as the technique concerns the moving images i.e. motion pictures. The Indian Motion Picture Producers’ Association will cover all the media, whether film, television, digital, internet and all other formats in media under the purview of its scope, as the roots of the media lie in moving motion pictures.
It was 15th August, 1947 when India got Independence, the first Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru needed someone to film for posterity the first flag-hoisting at Red Fort. Since there was no Films Division at that time, it was IMPPA which did the filming of the first flag hoisting which is really a matter of pride for IMPPA. IMPPA stands for truth, sincerity, dignity and justice which has been nourished throughout the millennium under the meticulous Presidentship of great film makers and legends like Shri Khan Bahadur Ardeshir M. Irani, Shri V. Shantaram, Shri Rai Bahadur Chunilal, Shri Chandulal J. Shah, Shri Chotubhai J. Desai, Shri Chotubhai D. Desai, Shri J.B.H. Wadia, Shri K.M. Modi, Shri Jaimani Dewan, Shri Dalsukh M. Pancholi, Shri S.K. Patil, Shri Kishore Sahu, Shri J.P. Tiwari, Shri J.B. Roongta, Shri Bimal Roy, Shri R. Chandra, Shri J. Om Prakash, Shri Mehboob Khan, Shri Roshanlal Malhotra, Shri G.P. Sippy, Shri I.S. Johar, Mrs. Nargis Dutt, Shri Ramprakash Chibber, Shri Shree Ram Bohra, Shri Prakash Mehra, Shri Ramraj Nahta, Shri Jimmy Nirula, Shri Sultan Ahmed, Shri K.D. Shorey, Shri Shakti Samanta, Smt Smita Thackeray, Shri Saawan Kumar Tak, Miss Sushama Shiromanee, Shri Rakesh Kumar Sharma, Miss. Sushama Shiromanee, Mrs. Shabnam Kapoor, Shri T.P. Aggarwal and Shri Abhay Sinha under whom IMPPA is continuing to prosper and growth.
It is indeed praiseworthy that IMPPA, in every step and function, has always conformed to the fair and just democratic norms and tradition. IMPPA is proud of its members purity in the creation, as IMPPA members have produced the largest number of Films, TV Serials, Web Series, Short Films, Music Albums and all other entertainment content and continue to do so.
IMPPA despite its decades long history continues to believe that it is just the beginning and IMPPA with its dynamic leadership, is marching ahead to solve the problems and other grievances of its members and their requirement for a better tomorrow.
IMPPA is also proud of having its own IMPPA WELFARE TRUST for the benefit of helping and lending financial assistance in terms of medical and other necessary requirements to the needy producer-members and emergency medical assistance and financial help for education of members is the aim of the trust which has disbursed relief to members directly in their bank accounts during the covid.
The President of IMPPA, Shri Abhay Sinha is very much aware of the great pity that the production sector has split into various producers’ associations and splinter groups. It is his ambition and he has always endeavored to get all the film producers to forget their differences and come together once again under one umbrella and show unity in fighting for right causes of the film industry, which is the need of the hour in view of the exploitation of the producers by everybody connected with them. After all, all the producers are in the same boat and all share the same problems and troubles. All strive towards the same end and find themselves subject to the same troubles. Unity is the ultimate power, so let all the producers unite nation-wide and form the ultimate force that will enable us to push through any hurdle in their way. However till this vision of our President is fulfilled IMPPA continues to whole heartedly work towards the welfare and benefit for its members while cooperating with all other producers associations in a mutually beneficial manner.
IMPPA has achieved a lot in the distant and recent past – against the whimsical attitude of the Government, Workers, Censors, Distributors and Exhibitors. For IMPPA to grow further, there is need for a lot of understanding, tolerance within itself and a lot of introspection and revision if need be. We all have to work so that we can strengthen IMPPA to become the most powerful lobby to represent the entertainment industry. We have to carry on the IMPPA’s blazing torch of hope, work and welfare in order to ensure that even years and years from now our future members can look back on us with pride and honour which is very much possible under the dynamic leadership of our President, other office bearers and E.C. Members.
IMPPA assures all members that it is with its members at all times wherever and whenever needed.
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